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Editing a Worksheet
Deleting Areas
Like inserting areas, you can delete unwanted
columns, rows, or cells. Excel moves existing data
to take up the room made by the deletion. Use
caution when deleting entire rows or columns.
Excel deletes the entire row of sixteen thousand
plus columns or one million plus rows. Any data in
the selected row or column gets deleted as well.
No confirmation appears before Excel actually
deletes the area.
Using Cut and Paste
Excel uses the Windows Clipboard, which allows
you to collect text and other items from Excel or
any Office document or even other programs, and
then paste them into an Excel worksheet. If you
want to move cells from one place to another, the
Clipboard is a great tool to assist you. The process
involves selecting cells and either cutting (moving)
or copying (duplicating) them to the Clipboard,
and then telling Excel where to paste (place) them.
Select the area of data you want to move.
When you delete columns, Excel pulls the
remaining columns to the left; when you delete rows,
Excel pulls the remaining rows up. You can delete
multiple rows or multiple columns, whether
contiguous or non-contiguous; however, you cannot
delete both rows and columns at the same time.
Choose Home>Cells>Delete (arrow) and choose
Delete Sheet Rows or Delete Sheet Columns (see
Figure 8-17).
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Cut. A marquee
(which looks like marching ants) surrounds
the cells (see Figure 8-18).
Paste Cut Copy
Figure 8-17
Deleting unnecessary columns or rows.
You can also delete a single cell by choosing
Home>Cells>Delete or Home>Cells>Delete (arrow)
and choosing Delete Cells. You may be prompted
which direction to move the remaining cells.
Figure 8-18
A marquee (“marching ants”) forms around a
cut or copied area.
Moving Data
If you’re not happy with the placement of data,
you don’t have to delete it and retype it. Excel
makes it easy for you to move it around. In fact,
Excel provides several methods to move data. You
can cut and paste it or you can use the drag-and-
drop method.
Duplicate Cell Contents
To duplicate (instead of move) the selected
cells to a new location, choose
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