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Editing a Worksheet
Chapter 8
Creating a Basic Worksheet
3. Click the cell to which you want to move the
selected area.
Mouse pointer
4. Choose Home>Clipboard>Paste. The selected
cells are pasted into the new location.
Paste Overwrites
Make sure the cells you paste into are empty.
Pasting overwrites any existing data.
5. Paste the cells into another location or press
Esc to cancel the marquee.
Figure 8-19
Pay attention to the mouse pointer before
dragging cells.
Keyboard Shortcuts
3. Hold the mouse button down and drag the
mouse to the desired location (see Figure 8-
19). A gray border appears around the cells
you point to. Additionally, a ScreenTip
appears confirming the cell location.
Optionally, press Ctrl+C to copy the selected
cells, Ctrl+X to cut the selected cells, or
Ctrl+V to paste the selected cells.
Copy by Dragging
Dragging and Dropping Data
Drag and drop is another method often used to
move data from one location to another. The
dragand-drop method works best when moving a few
cells of data a short distance. Just follow these steps:
To copy text with drag and drop, hold down
the Ctrl key before dragging the selected
cells. Release the mouse button before
releasing the Ctrl key.
Select the cells you want to move.
4. Release the mouse button to move the cell
data to the new location.
2. Position the mouse pointer on the border
edge of the highlighted cells. The mouse
pointer must appear as a white arrow
pointed to the left with four black arrowheads.
Transposing Data
If you have data you originally entered across a row
and then decide it would be better placed in a
column, you can tell Excel to transpose the data. The
same is true if you have data in a column that you
want moved to a row. Use these steps:
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