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Working with Range Names
Managing Range Names
Excel worksheets can accommodate an almost
unlimited number of range names. However, if
your workbook has quite a few, it can be difficult
to manage or remember what each range
represents. To assist you with range names, Excel
includes the range Name Manager feature.
Click an existing range name and then click
the Edit button, which displays the Edit
Name dialog box shown in Figure 8-24. Use
this dialog box to change the range name
or the range cell location reference, and
click OK to apply your changes.
Collapse button
Choose Formulas>Defined Names>Name Manager
which displays the Name Manager dialog box
shown in Figure 8-23. You can select from the
following options:
Figure 8-24
Editing a range name or cell location.
Click an existing range name and then click
the Delete button. A confirmation message
appears making sure you want to delete the
range name; click OK to do so.
Figure 8-23
Use the Name Manager to add, edit, or delete
range names.
Click the New button, which displays the
New Name dialog box in which you can enter
a range name and enter the cell location it
refers to. Instead of typing the range cell
locations, click the Collapse button, which moves
aside the New Name dialog box. You can then
use your mouse to select the desired cells.
Press Enter or click the Collapse button again
to return to the New Name dialog box. Click
OK when you are finished.
Filter Range Names
If you have a lot of range names, you can
click the Filter button and elect to display
only the items meeting selected criteria.
Click the Close button to close the Name Manager
dialog box.
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