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Using Data Validation
Chapter 8
Creating a Basic Worksheet
To have Excel show you cells that contain invalid
data, choose Data>Data Tools and click the arrow
next to Data Validation. Choose Circle Invalid Data.
Excel places circles around any invalid data (see
Figure 8-30).
Figure 8-28
Picking from a data validation list.
Cells that contain invalid data may display a
small green triangle in the upper-left corner.
Figure 8-30
Indicating cells with invalid data.
If you need to locate which cells in the worksheet
contain data validation, you can tell Excel to show
you which ones. You can also tell Excel to show
you only the cells that contain invalid data.
Remember that when setting the validation, you
can tell Excel to warn you of an invalid entry or to
go ahead and accept it.
Validation circles do not print. To remove the
circles, repeat the previous step but choose Clear
Validation Circles.
Remove Data Validation
To have Excel show you all cells that have data
validation, choose Home>Editing>Find & Select>Data
Validation. Cells with validation restrictions
become highlighted, as seen in Figure 8-29.
To remove data validation, select the cells for
which you want to remove validation and
then choose Data>Data Tools>Data
Validation. From the Data Validation dialog
box, click the Clear All button and then click
the OK button.
Figure 8-29
Locating cells with data validation restrictions.
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