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Chapter 9 Working with Formulas and Functions
Working with Formulas and
Picture yourself at tax time without a
computer, a calculator, or a nearby tax firm or accountant.
Can you imagine all the figuring that occurs? Calculate
your wages less deductions times the tax percentage. Now take
that amount and do a hundred other calculations around it.
Sound daunting? It is. And you thought that math was never
your strong point in school anyway! Fortunately, in today’s age,
people have accountants, calculators, and computers readily
accessible, so they don’t have to do all that manual calculating.
One of Excel’s best strengths is its ability to perform almost any
type of calculation. Excel performs everything from simple
addition to complex scientific and calculus notations with ease and,
most importantly, with accuracy. This chapter introduces you to
Excel formula generation. You’ll also become acquainted with
the more complex formulas called functions , all of which are
designed to provide you with accurate information so you can
make more informed decisions about the task at hand.
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