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Using Excel Functions
AutoSum button
In the following examples, I list for you the
function syntax. However, in many cases
the descriptions of the arguments are my
interpretation of them—not necessarily the
complex terms sometimes used by Excel.
Figure 9-8
The AutoSum feature in action.
Calculating with Mathematical
One category of functions is comprised of
mathematical and trigonometric functions. You find the
mathematical and trigonometry functions by
choosing Formulas>Function Library>Math & Trig and
then choosing the function you want. Following are
some common mathematical functions.
Select Different Cells
If you want to total different cells than Excel
has chosen, select them with your mouse.
3. Click the AutoSum button again or press the
Enter key. Excel enters the total value of the
selected cells.
INT: The INT function rounds a number
down to the nearest integer. The number
can be a specific number you type or, more
commonly, the reference to a specific cell.
The syntax is =INT( cell address or number ).
For example, to find the integer of cell B3,
you would enter =INT(B3).
Using Other Functions
As mentioned at the beginning of this section,
Excel includes hundreds of built-in functions that
are divided into categories according to their
purpose. The SUM function, for example, is considered
a mathematical function.
Nested Functions
This section shows you some of the function
categories. Don’t get discouraged when viewing the
functions and their arguments. Excel provides a
great tool to assist you with them. You’ll learn
about that tool shortly.
Functions can be nested. For example, to find
the integer of the SUM of a range of cells, you
might type =INT(=SUM(B3:B10)). Excel will
add each cell and round down the total.
ROUND: Whereas the INT function displays
whole numbers for you, the ROUND
function takes a value and rounds it to a
specified number of digits. The ROUND function
contains two arguments—one to specify
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