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Using Excel Functions
Figure 9-11
Finding the average value of a cell range.
Figure 9-12
Save time by choosing from the AutoSum
functions list.
MAX and MIN: Two other common
statistical functions are the MAX and MIN
functions. The MAX function will display the
largest value in a range of cells, whereas the
MIN function will display the smallest value
in a range of cells. The syntax is =MAX( range
of values ) or =MIN( range of values ).
Using Date Functions
Date functions are commonly used to enter the
current date into a worksheet, or to calculate the
difference between two or more dates. Excel stores
dates as sequential serial numbers so they can be
used in calculations. By default, January 1, 1900 is
serial number 1, and July 20, 2005 is serial number
38553, because it is 38,553 days after January 1,
1900. When you type a date in Excel, it displays
the date in a regular date format, such as 20-Jul-
05, but behind the scenes Excel still considers that
date a serial number. You will discover in Chapter
10, “Making Your Worksheet Look Good,” how to
format dates into a more understandable format.
Access the date or time function by choosing
Formulas>Function Library>Date & Time.
COUNT: The COUNT function is handy for
finding out how many numerical entries are
in a specified area. The syntax is very
simple: =COUNT( range of cells to count ).
COUNTA: The COUNTA function is similar to
COUNT except it is not limited to numerical
entries; it will count any non-blank cell, no
matter what type of information the cell
contains. The syntax is =COUNTA( range of cells ).
function determines the number of blank, or
empty, cells in a range. The syntax is
=COUNTBLANK( range of cells ).
Use Dates and Times in Calculations
Additional Functions Under
AutoSum Button
Because dates and times are values (date serial
numbers), they can be added, subtracted, and
included in other calculations.
Choose Formulas>Function Library or
Home>Editing and click the arrow next to
the AutoSum button to quickly select the
commonly used SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN,
and COUNT NUMBERS (which is the COUNT)
commands (see Figure 9-12).
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