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Chapter 10 Making Your Worksheet Look Good
Making Your Worksheet
Look Good
Picture yourself growing a bonsai tree. It begins as a
small root and through careful shaping and care becomes a
beautiful work of art. The overall artistic effect is of great significance in
growing the trees. Everything must be proportional: the size of the tree,
its leaves or needles, its flowers or fruit, and the container in which it
grows. The container, especially, must be chosen to harmonize with the
tree in size, shape, and color.
In Excel, you begin with a blank worksheet, add in your data, and then
you find that columns often aren’t wide enough, fonts are too small to
read, dates display in an unusual manner, and when you have columns of
data stacked next to each other, sometimes the information begins to
overlap. It just plain looks boring.
Fortunately, Excel includes a plethora of features with which you can
make the worksheet more interesting and easier to read. Change the
fonts, or make the numbers easier to read by adding numeric formatting.
Liven up your worksheet with effective use of borders, lines, and color.
Whoever said “Looks aren’t everything” wasn’t staring at an unformatted
Excel spreadsheet. This chapter is about shaping your worksheet into its
own work of art.
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