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Changing Cell Formats
Chapter 10
Making Your Worksheet Look Good
Comma Style: When you apply a comma
style to selected values, Excel separates the
thousands, making the data easier to read.
The Comma option also automatically adds
two decimal places but does not include a
dollar sign.
Number Format: Choose the drop-down
arrow to display a list of options such as
seen in Figure 10-2. This figure illustrates
values formatted in various Excel styles.
Accounting and Currency format may
appear the same, but they really are
different. The difference is in the placement of
the dollar sign. In currency style, the dollar
sign is right next to the numbers, but in
accounting style, the dollar sign is on the
left edge of the cell.
Automatic Format
Figure 10-2
Choose from several format options.
If you type the dollar sign ($) along with the
cell value, Excel automatically formats the
cell into a currency format. If you type a
comma (,) to separate thousands, Excel
automatically formats the cell to a number. If you
type the percent symbol (%), Excel
automatically formats the cell as a percentage.
Another method for selecting number formatting
is using the Number group Dialog Box Launcher,
which displays the Format Cells dialog box seen in
Figure 10-3. Number format selections are on the
Number tab.
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