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Changing Cell Formats
Chapter 10
Making Your Worksheet Look Good
The default font size in an Excel worksheet is 11
points. There are approximately 72 points in an
inch, so a 10-point font is slightly less than
oneseventh of an inch tall.
Increase or Decrease Font Size
Optionally, click the Increase Font Size or the
Decrease Font Size button to increment or
decrease the font size one step at a time.
Additionally, Excel includes three font styles you
can select from the Ribbon. Font styles include
bold , underline , and italics . Here are the steps you
take to change fonts and font attributes:
4. From the Home>Font group, click an
attribute such as Bold, Italic, or Underline (see
Figure 10-6). The Bold, Italic, and Underline
buttons are toggle switches, meaning that
one click turns them on, but if you click
again Excel turns them off.
Select the cells you want to format.
2. On the Home tab, open the Font drop-down
menu and select a font. If you hover your
mouse over a font before clicking it, Excel
displays the selected cells in the different
fonts (see Figure 10-5).
Bold Italic Underline
Font Size arrow
Decrease Font Size
Increase Font Size
Figure 10-5
Direct attention to cells by changing the font face.
Figure 10-6
Enhance cell data with text attributes.
3. From the Home>Font group, click the Font
Size arrow and select a font size.
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