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Changing Cell Formats
Changing Data Color
If you want to add color to your worksheet, try
changing the font color. Select the cells you want to
format and choose Home>Font and click the Font
Color drop-down arrow to select a color. Excel’s Live
Preview feature, as you see in Figure 10-8, shows
you the selected cells in the new font colors.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut keys for Bold, Italic, and Underline
are Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and Ctrl+U, respectively.
Underlining is not the same as a cell border. (Cell
borders are discussed later in this chapter.) The
default underline style is a single underline. Click
the Underline button down arrow to select Double
Underline. Or, choose additional underline options
through the Font group Dialog Box Launcher,
which displays the Format Cells dialog box.
Underline options appear on the Font tab, as you
see in Figure 10-7.
The colors you see depend on which
theme you are using. See “Working with
Themes,” later in this chapter.
Figure 10-7
Choose from these underline options.
Change Default Font
Figure 10-8
Choosing a color for your text.
To change the default Excel font, choose
File>Options. From the General section, click
the Use This Font drop-down menu and
select the font you want in all new
workbooks. Click OK twice.
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