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Working with Alignment and Spacing
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Default Row Height
The default row height is 15 based on the
default 11-point Calibri font. If you change
the default font type or size, Excel may also
change the standard row height. You cannot
manually set a default row height.
Figure 10-13
Aligning cell contents horizontally.
Aligning Data
By default, Excel makes labels left-aligned and
values right-aligned to their cells. You can change the
alignment of cells individually or in a block so they
are aligned left, right, centered, or full justified.
You can also wrap text in the cells when the text is
too long to fit in one cell and you don't want it to
overlap to the next cell. Additionally, Excel aligns
text vertically to the bottom of the row, but you
can also center it or align it to the top of the cell.
Accounting Alignment
Values formatted as Accounting display only
as right-aligned. You can change alignment
on all other formatting styles.
Top Align: Aligns the data vertically along
the top edge of the cell.
Middle Align: Centers the data vertically in
the cell.
Begin by selecting the cells you want to align and
choosing Home>Alignment. Then, select one of
these alignment buttons:
Bottom Align: This is the default option and
aligns the data along the bottom edge of the
cell. Notice the heading in Figure 10-14. Cell
A2 shows a top alignment whereas cell A1
shows the default bottom alignment.
Align Text Left: Horizontally aligns the
data along the left edge of the cell.
Center: Centers the data horizontally in the
middle of the cell. If you change the
column width, the data remains centered to
the new column width. In Figure 10-13,
cells C2 through E2 are left-, center- and
right-aligned respectively.
Additional Alignment Options
Optionally, you can view additional
alignment options using the Format Cells dialog
box. From the Home tab, click the Alignment
group Dialog Box Launcher. If necessary, click
the Alignment tab, set any desired alignment
options, and then click OK.
Align Text Right: Horizontally aligns the
data along the right edge of the cell.
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