Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Opening Office Programs
Customize the Ribbon
Beginning with Office 2010, you can now customize the Ribbon. See “Customizing Applications” later in
this chapter.
Tabs Groups
Figure 1-3
Related items appear in groups.
Dialog Box Launcher: Many options
include an icon at the bottom right edge of
the group option. Office calls this the Dialog
Box Launcher, and clicking it opens a related
dialog box. Figure 1-4 shows the Dialog Box
Launcher with the Page Setup dialog box.
Dialog Box Launcher
Close a Dialog Box
Click the Cancel button to close a dialog box
without making any changes.
Galleries: Some Ribbon buttons display a
down arrow, which means there are more
choices available. In Figure 1-5, you see an
arrow on the Excel Format as Table
button. Click the arrow to display a gallery of
table styles. (Click the arrow again to close
the gallery.)
Figure 1-4
See additional options through a traditional
dialog box.
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