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Adding Borders and Shading
Chapter 10
Making Your Worksheet Look Good
Select the cells to which you want to add
background color. From the Home tab, in the Font
group, click the down arrow next to the Fill Color
icon. A gallery of colors appears (see Figure 10-21).
dots. Each pattern has both a background and a
foreground color. The background color is the base
color, whereas the foreground color is the color of
the stripes or dots. Be careful using patterns
because they can be distracting to the reader.
The following steps show you how to add fill
Select the cells you want formatted.
2. Choose Home>Cells>Format>Format Cells as
you see in Figure 10-22, which launches the
Format Cells dialog box.
Figure 10-21
Choosing a color for cell background shading.
Select the cell background color you want or choose
More Colors to create your own shading color. To
remove cell background shading, choose No Fill.
Reverse Colors
A good combination to use with a black and
white printer is a black background and a
light font color.
Adding Cell Patterns
You can use a pattern instead of a single color as a
background to your cells. A pattern uses two
colors, arranged in some design, such as stripes or
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