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Discovering Formatting Shortcuts
Chapter 10
Making Your Worksheet Look Good
Lock Format Painter Tool
Double-click the Format Painter tool to lock
it in so you can paint additional cells without
having to reselect the tool. Click the Format
Painter tool again to unlock it.
Format Painter Mouse pointer
Figure 10-24
Save mouse movement by using the Mini Toolbar.
Copy Formatting
Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to get
the formatting of a cell just the way you want it.
Rather than duplicate all those steps for another
cell, Excel includes a Format Painter feature that
copies formatting from one cell to another. Copied
formatting includes font size, color, style
attributes, shading, and alignment. When you copy the
formatting, the values in the cells are not affected.
Figure 10-25
Use the Format Painter tool to duplicate
formatting selections.
3. Click or drag across the cells you want to
format. Excel immediately applies formats such
as font, size, colors, borders, and alignment.
Copy Column Width
Click a cell containing formatting you want
to copy.
To quickly copy the width of one column to
another column, select the heading of the
first column, click the Format Painter tool,
and then click the heading of the column
where you want to apply the column width.
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Format Painter.
The mouse pointer is a white plus sign along
with a paint brush like the one you see in
Figure 10-25.
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