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Discovering Formatting Shortcuts
Working with Themes
In Chapter 3, you discovered that you could use
Office themes, which are professionally designed
predefined sets of colors, fonts, and other effects
that you can apply to your Office documents.
Themes are consistent throughout all Office
documents, so using them brings continuity to your
work. The default theme used by Excel is called the
Office theme, but there are quite a few others. Take
a brief look at how changing a theme changes the
options Excel provides.
Themes are available in Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, and Outlook. In Publisher,
themes are called Schemes.
Figure 10-26
Office theme options.
In Figure 10-26, which has the standard Office
theme, you see that the default font is Calibri 11
point and you see some of the coordinating colors
available from the Fill Color drop-down menu.
Now look at Figure 10-27, which is the Waveform
theme. The default font is Candera and the theme
colors available under the Fill Color drop-down
menu are entirely different, much more vibrant, than
the ones available with the standard Office theme.
To choose a different theme for your Excel
Worksheet, choose Page Layout>Themes>Themes.
A variety of theme choices from which you can
select appears, as you see in Figure 10-28.
Figure 10-27
Waveform theme options.
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