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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Working with Multiple Worksheets
Ffirst let me clarify a couple of terms.
A worksheet , sometimes called a spreadsheet,
is a collection of cells that can have more
than one million rows down and over sixteen
thousand rows across. Each cell of each sheet can
contain over 32,000 characters.
If your workbook has more worksheets than you
can see at the bottom, click the First, Previous,
Next, or Last navigation buttons in the bottom-left
corner of the workbook.
You also can use the keyboard to move from
worksheet to worksheet. Press Ctrl+Page Up to move to
the previous sheet or press Ctrl+Page Down to
move to the next sheet.
By default, each time you create a new Excel file, it
contains three worksheets. Technically, Excel calls
files with multiple sheets workbooks. Think of a
workbook as a three-dimensional worksheet. Each
workbook, however, can have an almost unlimited
number of worksheets, limited only by your
computer’s memory. The resulting possible number of
cells in a single workbook is too huge to even
dream about, but the fact remains that you could
create a single huge workbook. Realistically,
however, you’ll probably have a number of different
workbooks, each with a number of worksheets.
Inserting Additional
If you need extra worksheets in your workbook,
you can easily add them. Whenever you save the
Excel file, all worksheets in the workbook are
saved. Excel provides several methods to insert
additional worksheets:
Choose Home>Cells>Insert (arrow)>
Insert Sheet. Excel automatically inserts a
new blank worksheet on top of the
currently selected sheet. Excel automatically
assigns the next number, such as Sheet4.
Excel makes it easy to work with multiple
worksheets. You can easily maneuver between the
worksheets; insert, delete, move, and copy worksheets;
rename the tabs that reference them; and create
formulas that reference other worksheets or workbooks.
Click the Insert Worksheet tab. It’s
located after the last named worksheet
tab. (See Figure 11-1.)
Moving Between Worksheets
By default, a new blank workbook includes three
worksheets named Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. You
can move from worksheet to worksheet using the
mouse or the keyboard. With the mouse, click on
any desired tab.
Right-click a worksheet tab and select
Insert from the resulting shortcut
menu. The Insert dialog box opens. Choose
Worksheet and then click OK.
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