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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Right-Click Worksheet Tab
Optionally, right-click the worksheet tab and
select Move or Copy.
Figure 11-3
Renaming a worksheet.
4. Press Enter to accept the change.
Keep the Name Short
Be descriptive, but keep the name short.
When you have lots of worksheets with long
names, it can be more difficult to maneuver
from one to the next.
Figure 11-4
Duplicating a worksheet.
4. Select where in the order of the worksheets
you want the duplicate sheet placed.
Copying Worksheets
Excel has a terrific timesaver in that if you need a
worksheet similar to one you already have, you
can copy the worksheet. Then all you have to do
in the new worksheet is modify the parts you
need changed. You don’t need to start at the
beginning. The following steps show you how to
copy a worksheet:
5. Click OK. Excel duplicates the sheet and gives
it the same name as the copied sheet and
numbers it sequentially.
Move a Worksheet
To move a worksheet, drag the worksheet tab
left or right.
Click anywhere on the worksheet you want
to duplicate.
2. Choose Home>Cells>Format>Move or Copy
Sheet. The Move or Copy dialog box appears.
3. Check the Create a Copy check box (see
Figure 11-4).
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