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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Chapter 11
Managing Large Amounts of Data
Moving Worksheets to a
Different Workbook
Although it certainly may be what you need, use
caution when you move worksheets to other
workbooks. Calculations or charts based on worksheet
data might become incorrect when you move the
worksheet to another workbook.
Right-Click Option
Optionally, right-click a selected tab and
choose Move or Copy.
4. From the To book drop-down menu, shown
in Figure 11-5, select the workbook to which
you want to move or copy the sheets.
Copy and Move Limitation
Because worksheet in Excel 2007 and 2010
have more columns and rows than earlier
versions, you cannot copy or move a
worksheet created in an Excel 2010 (or 2007)
workbook to one created in Excel 2003, XP,
or earlier.
Open both the workbook containing the
sheets you want to move and the workbook
to which you will move the sheets.
Figure 11-5
Select the workbook you want to move to.
Click anywhere on the worksheet you want to
move. If you don't see the sheet you want,
click the tab scrolling buttons until you see it.
5. If you want to duplicate the sheets to the
other workbook, click the Create a Copy
check box.
Multiple Worksheets
6. Select where in the order of the existing
worksheets you want the moved sheet placed.
If you want to move or copy multiple
worksheets, hold down the Ctrl key and click
additional tabs. If you want to move or copy all
the existing worksheets to another
workbook, right-click a sheet tab and choose
Select All Sheets.
Click OK. Excel moves or copies the
worksheets to the other workbook. In Figure 11-6,
the sheet named January was moved from
the Book1 workbook to the American
Construction Company workbook.
3. Choose Home> Cells>Format>Move or Copy
Sheet. The Move or Copy dialog box opens.
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