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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Right-Click Worksheet Tab
Optionally, right-click a worksheet tab and
select Hide (or Unhide).
Figure 11-6
Moving a worksheet to a different workbook.
Duplicate Naming Convention
Figure 11-7
Choosing a worksheet to unhide.
If you opted to copy a sheet to another
workbook in which a sheet has the same name,
Excel keeps the same name but adds a
sequential number to the end.
Changing Worksheet Tab Colors
Each worksheet tab has its own unique name.
Earlier in this chapter, you discovered how you can
easily rename sheets. It may be helpful to assign a
color to the sheet tabs which can make them
easier to locate, especially for a frequently used sheet
or in a workbook with lots of worksheets.
Hiding Worksheets
A worksheet can be hidden from view but still
contain active working formulas and data. Click
anywhere on the worksheet that you want to hide and
choose Home>Cells>Format>Hide & Unhide>Hide
Sheet. Excel hides the worksheet from view. All
formula references to a hidden worksheet are still
valid even when a worksheet is hidden.
To recolor the worksheet tab, click anywhere in
that worksheet and choose Home>Cells>Format>
Tab Color. The Tab Color gallery that you see in
Figure 11-8 appears. Select a color or select No
Color to remove a tab color. The color choices you
see depend on your current worksheet theme.
To unhide the worksheet, select Choose
Home>Cells>Format>Hide & Unhide>Unhide
Sheet. A dialog box like the one in Figure 11-7
appears listing all currently hidden worksheets in
the active workbook. Select the worksheet you
want to unhide and click OK.
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