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Working with Multiple Worksheets
and then click the actual cell you want
to reference. Press the Enter key. Excel
displays the equals sign, the worksheet
name, an exclamation point, and the
cell reference (see Figure 11-10).
Cross-Referencing Other
Similar to creating a link to a different worksheet
in the current workbook, you can also create links
to specific locations in other workbooks. The
easiest method to create a workbook link is to have
both the origination and the destination
workbooks open.
Cross-Referenced Formulas
Formulas referencing other worksheets or
other workbooks can also be compound
formulas or used in a function.
If, when updating links, the originating workbook
was renamed, deleted, or moved, an information
dialog box will appear notifying you it could not
update the link. You have the option of continuing,
leaving the data as it was last saved, or clicking an
Edit Link button to change the link references.
Open the workbook to which you want to
refer. For illustration purposes, let’s call the
file Original .
2. Click the desired cell in the workbook where
you want to create a reference. Again, as an
example, let’s call this file Reference .
Figure 11-10
Referencing a cell on another worksheet.
3. In Reference , begin the formula or reference
with an equals sign.
4. If using a function or formula, enter any
portion that you want to precede the
Alternative Method
Optionally, you can manually type the
referenced sheet and cell address, but you must
be sure to include the exclamation point.
5. Click the cell that you want to reference from
Original .
6. Finish the remainder of the formula or press
the Enter key. Excel displays the equals sign,
an apostrophe, and then the Reference file
name in brackets followed by the worksheet
name, a closing apostrophe, an exclamation
point, and then the absolute cell reference.
For example, [NAMES.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$2
Notice in all of the previous examples, the answer
is displayed in the worksheet, but on the Formula
bar the originating cell location is displayed. The
linked reference is the sheet name followed by an
exclamation point and the cell location. If the
value in the originating cell changes, the value in
the cross reference cell will also change.
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