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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Chapter 11
Managing Large Amounts of Data
refers to the value in cell A2 of Sheet1 in the
Excel file named NAMES. See Figure 11-11
for an example of a cross-reference.
Inserting a Hyperlink
In Chapter 7, “Discovering Word Tools,” you saw
how you could insert a hyperlink into a Word
document which would, when clicked, take you to
another document area, another document, an
Internet site, or even launch an e-mail. You can
accomplish the same task in Excel. Select a cell or
graphic object and then choose Insert >Links>
Hyperlink. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
If you clicked a blank cell before beginning, in the
Text To Display box you can type the text you want
the cell to display. If you started with a cell already
containing data or an object, you can change the
displayed text.
Figure 11-11
Creating a cross-reference to a different workbook.
Absolute Reference
Excel uses absolute references (with dollar
signs) when referring to other workbooks.
Click ScreenTip
When you open a workbook containing a cross-ref-
erence, Excel displays a message such as the one
shown in Figure 11-12, prompting you with a
security warning so it can determine whether to update
the cross-referenced cell. Click Enable Content
(also seen in Figure 11-12) if you want Excel to
check the originating workbook for changes to the
referenced cell.
Click the ScreenTip button to enter text you
want displayed, such as a prompt or hint that
appears whenever the user pauses the mouse
over the link.
Select the option you want to use and enter any
relevant information. Click OK when you are
finished. Figure 11-13 illustrates an Excel worksheet
with a hyperlink.
Enable Content button
Figure 11-12
Giving permission to update a cross-reference.
Figure 11-13
An Excel hyperlink.
To remove a hyperlink, right-click the link and
select Remove Hyperlink.
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