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Keeping Workbooks Secure
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
Save the workbook and then click the File
tab. From the Info section, click the Check
for Issues button and choose Inspect
Document. The Document Inspector dialog
box appears.
No Undo
You cannot undo some changes done with
the Document Inspector.
2. Deselect any option you do not want to
check and then click Inspect. Excel inspects
the document for the selected information.
5. Repeat Step 4 for any additional items you
want to remove.
3. When the inspection is complete, the
Document Inspector reappears with
information as in Figure 12-2.
6. Click Close, and then click the File tab to
return to the workbook.
Resave your file.
Protecting Worksheets
You will probably want to ensure that no one can
either accidentally or intentionally make
unauthorized changes to your data. Excel provides
protection at several different levels including protecting
the worksheet, specific cells of the worksheet, or
the entire workbook.
1. Click anywhere on the sheet that you want to
protect and then choose Review>Changes>
Protect Sheet. The Protect Sheet dialog box
appears, as shown in Figure 12-3.
Figure 12-2
Remove the items you don’t want in the file.
4. Click the Remove All button next to any
option you want removed. Excel removes
the selected data. After removing the data,
the Remove All button next to the option
Figure 12-3
Locking your sheet against unwanted changes.
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