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Keeping Workbooks Secure
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
No formula seen
Figure 12-5
Selecting cells you want to unprotect.
Optional Method
Optionally, select Home>Cells>Format>
Format Cells, which displays the Format Cells
dialog box. Click the Protection tab and
deselect the Locked option. Click OK.
Figure 12-6
Displaying only the formula result, not the
actual formula.
Hiding Cell Formulas
You’ve seen how you can keep others from
changing cells by protecting the worksheet, but they can
still view the cell contents and formulas. Excel
provides a feature with which you can hide the
formula so that only the result in the cell is visible. Select
the cells containing formulas or information you
want to hide. Choose Home>Cells>Format>Format
Cells. This displays the Format Cells dialog box.
Click the Protection tab and select the Hidden
option. Click OK and then protect the worksheet.
Hide Cell Contents
If you want to hide the cell value, color the
font white. Choose Home>Font>Font Color.
Marking a Workbook as Final
To protect your workbook against accidental
changes, Excel, like Word, includes a feature called
Mark as Final. Marking the workbook as final is
similar to placing the workbook into a read-only
state in that the workbook cannot be changed.
In Figure 12-6, although you see the results of the
formula in cell B17, the formula bar does not
display the actual formula.
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