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Using Find and Replace
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
Using Find and Replace
The Excel Find and Replace feature
lets you locate specific worksheet text or
formulas and optionally replace the found data
with something different. The Find feature can
search through formulas, values, or comments. If you
select formulas, the Find feature will look through
both the underlying formulas and the values for the
selected data. If you select values, Excel will look only
in the results, not in the formulas. If you select
comments, Excel will look only in comments.
Within: Search just the current worksheet
or the entire workbook. By default, Excel
searches only the current worksheet.
Search: Select whether to search first across
the rows first, or down the columns first.
Look in: Select whether you want to search
through the values or formula results,
through the actual formulas, or if you want
to look in the comments.
Finding Cell Addresses
Searching for Data
Especially with large workbooks, sometimes it’s
difficult to locate specific entries. You can let Excel
locate the data for you. Choose Home>Editing>
Find & Select>Find or just press Ctrl+F. The Find
and Replace dialog box appears. In the Find What
box, enter the value or word you want to locate.
Select Formulas when you are looking for a
formula that references a specific cell address.
Match case: Check this box if you want your
search to be case-specific (for example,
Daniel instead of DANIEL or daniel).
Click the Options button and specify any desired
options (see Figure 12-11):
Match entire cell contents: Check this
box if you want your search results to only
list only the items that exactly match your
search criteria.
Click the Find Next button. Excel jumps to the first
occurrence of the match. If this is not the entry
you are looking for, click the Find Next button
again. Excel advises you if it does not locate the
data you are searching for. Click the Close button
when you have located the entry you want.
Figure 12-11
Specify where and what to search.
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