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Using Find and Replace
Optionally, you can locate all occurrences of the
data you want to locate. In the Find and Replace
dialog box, click the Find All button. The Find and
Replace dialog box expands as you see in Figure 12-
12, showing a list of each cell entry that contains
your data. You can click any entry to select that cell.
Replacing Cell Data
Excel can locate specific data for you and
automatically replace it with different data. Choose
Home>Editing>Find & Select>Replace, which
displays the Find and Replace dialog box, with the
Replace tab on top (see Figure 12-13).
Resize the Dialog Box
To resize the Find and Replace dialog box, drag
the resize handle in the lower-right box corner.
Resize handle
Figure 12-13
The Replace tab.
Type the data you want to replace in the Find What
text box. Next, type the replacement data in the
Replace with text box. If desired, click the Options
button for more Find options. The options that
appear on the expanded Replace tab are the same
as those on the expanded Find tab. Click Find Next
to begin the search. Excel locates the first
occurrence of the selected text.
Figure 12-12
See all occurrences of found data at once.
Click Replace if you want to replace the found
data with the replacement data. Excel will make
the replacement and proceed to the next
occurrence; or, click Replace All to have Excel replace all
occurrences of the original data with the
replacement data. Excel notifies you of the total number
of occurrences.
Find Cell Formats
In Chapter 7, you discovered how you can use
the Find or Find and Replace features to
locate Word text with specific formatting. The
same feature is also available in Excel. Click
the Format buttons to specify a cell format.
When you’re finished, click the Close button.
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