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Adjusting Page Layout
Remove Page Breaks
To remove the manual page breaks, choose
Page Layout>Page Setup>Breaks>Reset All
Page Breaks.
Specifying a Print Area
When printing, Excel assumes you want to print
the entire worksheet area, or just specified pages. If
you only want to print a portion of the sheet, you
need to specify a specific print range, called the
print area . This is especially useful if you have
several different tables in your worksheet and you
only want to print one of them. Setting the print
range is a matter of selecting the range and then
issuing the command to make that range the print
area. Just follow these steps:
Figure 12-15
Setting the area you want to print.
Setting the Paper Orientation
and Size
If your worksheet uses quite a few columns, you
might want to change the orientation or paper
size. The default size is 8 1/2
1. Highlight the area you want to print.
11-inch paper in
portrait orientation (the short side at the top and
bottom). Changing to landscape orientation will
print with the long edge of the paper at the top
and bottom.
2. Choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Print
Area>Set Print Area. Dotted lines appear
around the print area. When you print the
worksheet, only the area contained within
the dotted lines prints (see Figure 12-15).
To select the paper orientation, choose Page
Layout>Page Setup>Orientation and then select
whether you want Portrait or Landscape orientation.
Printing a Selection
Optionally, highlight the area you want to
print and, from the Print Settings area,
choose Print Selection. See Printing Your
Worksheet later in this chapter.
To change the paper size, choose Page Layout>Page
Setup>Size. From the drop-down menu of paper
sizes that appears, select a paper size. The
papersize choices you see depend on the currently
selected printer. The two most common US choices are
Letter, which is 8.5
11 inches, and Legal, which is
To reset Excel to print the entire worksheet,
choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Print Area>Clear
Print Area.
14 inches (see Figure 12-16).
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