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Adjusting Page Layout
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
needed to fit in the specified number of pages. You
can also manually tell Excel to shrink the
worksheet by a percentage amount. For example, your
worksheet prints on two pages, but there are only
three rows on the second page. You can tell Excel
to squeeze it just enough so it fits on a single page.
Just follow these steps:
Use Minimal Shrinking
Don’t try to shrink your document too much.
Because Excel shrinks the font, trying to fit
too much on a page can make the document
typeface too small to read.
1. Choose Page Layout>Scale to Fit.
2. From the Width drop-down menu, select the
number of pages wide you want to print (see
Figure 12-17).
Figure 12-16
Choosing a paper size.
More Paper Sizes
From the Size list, click the More Paper
Sizes option to open the Page Setup dialog
box. From there you can select additional
paper sizes.
Figure 12-17
Tell Excel how to shrink your document.
Shrinking Worksheets to Fit
Instead of struggling with resizing columns and
fonts to make your worksheet fit on a certain
number of pages, Excel allows you to scale your
document. Scaling makes Excel resize the print area as
3. From the Height drop-down menu, select the
number of pages wide you want to print.
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