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Adjusting Page Layout
2. Select from the margin options shown or
choose Custom Margins to open the Page
Setup dialog box (see Figure 12-19) that
enables you to set your own margin options.
Change Scale
Optionally, in the Scale text box, enter a
percentage to reduce or enlarge the document.
Values range from 10 to 400.
Setting Page Margins
By default, Excel uses a top and bottom margin of
.75 inch and left and right margins of .70 inch.
You can change these margins to meet your needs.
You can select from several predefined settings or
you can create your own custom margins. Follow
these steps:
1. Choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Margins.
Figure 12-18 shows a list of margin options.
Figure 12-19
The Page Setup dialog box.
Center to a Page
From the Page Setup dialog box, click the
option Horizontally and/or the option
Vertically in the Center on Page section to
center the worksheet on the page, regardless
of the margins.
Figure 12-18
Select from the margin options.
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