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Working with Headers and Footers
Choose Page Layout>Sheet Options and select
from the following options:
Gridlines: Check the Print option to print
the gridlines surrounding each cell in the
worksheet. By default, the Gridlines View
option is checked. If you don't want to see
the gridlines while you're working on the
worksheet, uncheck this item.
Headings: Check the Print option to print
the row numbers or column letters around
the worksheet. Figure 12-21 illustrates a
worksheet as it would look printed with
gridlines and row and column headings.
Change Gridline Color
By default, gridlines are a lighter shade of
gray. You can change the gridline color by
choosing File>Options. Click the Advanced
section and scroll down to the Display
options for this worksheet: section. Click the
Gridline color arrow and select a different
gridline color.
Figure 12-21
A worksheet with gridlines and headings.
Working with Headers and Footers
Headers and footers are simply text
that appears either at the top (header) or
bottom (footer) of every page. The type of
information you might include in a header or
footer might be a report title, the current date, page
number, or file name. You typically manage
headers and footers through the Page Layout View.
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