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Working with Headers and Footers
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
Adding a Standard Header and
You can select from one of the predefined headers
and footers or you can create your own. The easiest
method is to pick from one of the predefined
headers and footers.
4. Choose Header & Footer Tools
Design>Header & Footer>Header (or Footer).
A list of predefined headers (or footers)
appears, as you see in Figure 12-23.
1. Choose View>Workbook Views>Page Layout.
You see the header area of your worksheet.
2. You may have to scroll to the top of the page
where you see the Header area. Headers and
Footers are divided into three sections: Left,
Center, and Right.
Figure 12-23
Selecting a predefined header.
Footer Instead of Header
5. Select the predefined option you want to use.
If you want to work on the Footer, click
Header & Footer Tools Design>Navigation>
Go to Footer.
The Options group of the Header & Footer Tools
Design tab supplies other choices you might want
applied to your header or footer. Take a look at
each of them (Figure 12-24):
3. Click in the header section where you want
to work (see Figure 12-22). Excel also now
displays a Header & Footer Tools Design tab.
Figure 12-24
Setting options for a header or footer.
Different First Page: If you choose this
option, Excel won't print the header or
footer on the first page.
Figure 12-22
Click the placeholder text to add a header.
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