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Printing Your Worksheet
Chapter 12
Setting Security and Printing Options
Printing Your Worksheet
When you finish compiling your
worksheet, you’ll probably want to print
a hard copy or e-mail a copy to someone.
Once you have specified any print specifications
and options, you can print the worksheet with only
a couple of mouse clicks.
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Previewing Your Work
You may want to preview the worksheet on the
screen before you print, just to make sure you have
all the options set correctly. Using the Print
Preview feature can save lots of paper by allowing
you to see the worksheet on your screen before
actually printing it to paper. The following steps
walk you through the Print Preview process:
1. Click the File tab and from the Backstage
view that appears, choose Print. A print
settings section appears on the left and a
preview of the worksheet appears on the right.
Figure 12-26
Taking a sneak peak with Print Preview.
Keyboard Shortcut
Optionally, press Ctrl+F2 to display the Print
preview in Backstage view.
If you have multiple pages, click in the
number box and enter the page you
want to see, then press Enter;
optionally, click the Next Page or Previous Page
2. From the preview area (seen in Figure 12-26),
select from the following options.
Use the Zoom to Page button in the
lower-right to enlarge or reduce the view.
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