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Printing Your Worksheet
Click the Show Margins button to
display or hide the margin lines.
Don’t Try to Read!
Don't strain your eyes trying to read the text
in the Preview window. You are looking at
the overall perspective here, not necessarily
the individual cell contents. You cannot edit
the worksheet cell contents while in Print
Preview mode.
3. If you’re ready to print your worksheet,
continue to the next section, but if you want to
return to the worksheet view, click the File tab.
Printing a Worksheet
When your worksheet is complete and you’ve
reviewed it for any changes, you may want to make
a hard copy of it to file away or to share with
others. Click the File tab and from the Backstage view
that appears, choose Print. A print settings section
appears on the left (Figure 12-27) and a preview of
the worksheet appears on the right. Let’s take a
look at a few of the print settings:
Figure 12-27
The Print window contains many options.
Copies: Select the number of copies you
want to print.
Printer: If you are connected to more than
one printer, from the Printer list, you can
select which printer you want to use.
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