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Inserting a Chart
worksheet cell value. Related
data markers make up a data
series and have the same
pattern or color. In Figure 13-4,
you can see the comparison of
the spreadsheet data to the
y-axis and the series values.
Figure 13-3
A chart legend.
Plot area
The background that represents
the entire plotted chart area.
Corresponding data
Data labels
An optional display of the
series numeric values.
Figure 13-4
Data as displayed in a data series.
Inserting a Chart
The second technique you can use
for creating a chart allows you to set a couple
of options as you create the chart. You get to
determine where you want the chart and which
chart type you want.
this an embedded chart. No matter where you
place your chart, the data is tied to the chart, so if
the data changes, so does the chart. Here are the
necessary steps:
Select the data you want to plot in the chart.
When you insert a chart, you can create the chart
on its own sheet such as you discovered in the
previous section, or you can tell Excel to place the
chart on top of the sheet with the data. Excel calls
Choose Insert>Charts, and click the chart
style you want which displays the chart type
gallery. Excel can create many chart types;
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