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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Click anywhere on the chart to select it, or click
outside of the chart to deselect it. If a chart is on
its own sheet, you don’t need to select it. Just
having the chart displayed by clicking the sheet tab
makes it eligible for modifications.
Changing the Chart Type
If you want to change the chart type, you can select
a bar, area, line, pie, or any of the other types, many
of which can also be three-dimensional. Be careful
when changing the chart type that you don’t
change the intended chart message. For example, if
you change your chart from a pie chart to a bar
chart, the emphasis shifts from what each value
represents to the values in relationship of the
percentage of the whole.
Resizing a Chart
When a chart appears on the same page as the
worksheet, it may be too small to read the data
correctly, or it may be so large that it covers the
worksheet data. Either way, it’s easy to resize a chart.
Select the chart and choose Chart Tools Design>
Type>Change Chart Type. The Change Chart type
dialog box appears. Select the chart type and
subtype you want and then click OK (see Figure 13-10).
Select the chart which displays the eight selection
handles. Position your mouse pointer over one of
the handles. The mouse pointer changes to a
double-headed arrow as you see in Figure 13-9. Drag
the handle and you see a dotted line that indicates
the new chart size. When you release the mouse
button, the chart is resized.
Sizing handle Mouse pointer
Figure 13-9
Changing the chart size.
Figure 13-10
Choosing a different chart type or subtype.
Constrain Size Ratio
Moving the Chart
When a chart is on the worksheet page, you can
easily move it to any location on the page or you can
move it from the data page to its own sheet. You
cannot move a chart that’s on its own sheet except
to move it from its own sheet to the data page.
Hold down the Shift key while you drag the
chart to maintain the height-to-width chart
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