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Changing the Chart Options
To move the chart located on the data sheet, to a
different location on the data sheet, select the
chart and position the mouse over the edge of the
chart, but not over one of the handles. Your mouse
pointer should be a four-headed arrow. Drag the
chart border to a new location. As you move the
chart, you see an outline such as you see in Figure
13-11, which represents the new chart position.
Figure 13-12
Changing the chart location.
Mouse pointer
3. Select a location:
New sheet: Creates a new worksheet
and places the chart on the sheet.
Object in: Moves the chart to an existing
sheet in the workbook. Click the
dropdown arrow to select the worksheet to
which you want to move the chart.
4. Click OK. Excel moves your chart to the
location you specified.
Adding Descriptive Chart Text
A good way to make your chart more readable is to
add some descriptive text that helps put the chart
into a proper context. The Chart Title appears above
or in the chart itself, and provides a brief
description of the overall chart. You can also add axis titles
to more clearly define your x- or y-axis information.
Figure 13-11
Moving a chart object around on the worksheet.
If you want to move the chart from its own sheet
to the data sheet or from a data sheet to its own
sheet, just follow these simple steps:
Adding a Chart Title
To add a chart title, you first select the chart you
want to modify and then choose Chart Tools
Layout>Labels>Chart Title. A list of options
appears. If you choose None, which is the default
choice, it means you don’t want to display a title.
You’ll also use this option if you want to remove a
chart title. Choose Centered Overlay Title to center
the title within the chart plot area. This option
retains the existing chart size. Choose Above Chart
if you want to center the title above the chart.
Select the chart that you want to move.
2. Choose Chart Tools Design>Location>Move
Chart. The Move Chart dialog box seen in
Figure 13-12 appears.
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