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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Depending on the data you select when
creating a chart, some chart types
automatically create a chart title.
Make a selection. A title placeholder box with the
words Chart Title (as you see in Figure 13-13) appears
on the chart. With the title placeholder selected,
begin typing the text you want. The text appears in
the worksheet formula bar. Press Enter and Excel
replaces the words Chart Title with your text.
Title as you type it Title placeholder
Figure 13-14
Enhancing a chart title.
No 3D Formatting
You can’t apply 3D formatting or select a
shadow when your title doesn’t have a
borderline around it.
Figure 13-13
Adding a title to the chart.
Adding Axis Text
You can add additional text to either the x- or
yaxis that can assist you or someone viewing your
chart in better understanding the chart
information. For example, adding the text in millions to the
value axis helps the reader understand that a value
of 12 really means 12 million. Or adding a category
axis of 2007 might help the reader understand
that the January, February, and March they are
seeing are from the year 2007.
Optionally, choose Chart Tools Layout>Labels>
Chart Title>More Title Options. From the Format
Chart Title dialog box seen in Figure 13-14, you
can select Fill and then choose any desired
background options for the chart title. Excel’s Live
Preview feature lets you view various options
without first selecting them. You can also select from
Border Styles, Border Color, Shadows, 3-D Format,
and Alignment.
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