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Changing the Chart Options
If you want to add a Category axis title, choose
Chart Tools Layout>Labels>Axis Titles>Primary
Horizontal Axis>Title Below Axis. Again replace the
default text with your own description.
Use the Mini Toolbar
Right-click any title, which displays the Mini
Toolbar. From there you can change the
formatting of the selected title.
If you want to add a Value axis title, choose Chart
Tools Layout>Labels>Axis Titles>Primary Vertical
Axis and select a value axis title type. You have
several choices for the vertical axis title:
Selecting Additional Axis
Besides adding a title to the axis, you can also
choose a few other options pertaining to the axis.
For example, you can choose whether or not to
display gridlines to help your reader relate to the
values. Besides the default display of horizontal
gridlines along the major values, you can also display
vertical gridlines, or you can choose not to display
gridlines. Choose Chart Tools Layout>Axes>
Gridlines. You can add, change, or remove
horizontal or vertical gridlines. You can also select More
Options to modify the gridline color. Figure 13-16
illustrates a chart with both major and minor
horizontal gridlines displayed.
None: Removes an existing value axis title.
Rotated Title: The title runs parallel with
the y-axis from bottom to top.
Vertical Title: The title runs from top to
bottom with each letter stacked on top of
each other.
Horizontal Title: The title runs
horizontally, which makes it easy to read but
decreases the chart plot area. Use this title
type for very short text.
Figure 13-15 illustrates three positions for vertical
axis text and a category axis text.
Figure 13-16
Displaying gridlines.
Figure 13-15
Adding axis text.
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