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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Choose Chart Tools Layout>Axes>Axes to change
the way Excel displays either the horizontal or
vertical axis. You can choose not to display an axis or
you can change the value representation along the
vertical axis. Click the More button to change
choices such as axis number high or low limits or
axis number formatting (see Figure 13-17).
Choose Chart Tools Layout>Labels>Legend. From
there you can select from the seven options seen
in Figure 13-18. Remember, if you turn off the
legend, you may have difficulty understanding the
chart data. Optionally choose More Legend
Options, which displays the Format Legend dialog
box where you can select a border, fill color,
shadow, or a number of other legend options. Also, like
chart titles, you can right-click the legend and
select formatting options.
Figure 13-17
Setting value axis options.
Working with the Legend
For most charts, Excel automatically adds a legend
that helps explain each series. For example, if you
have only red, blue, and yellow bars without a
legend, you or your reader wouldn’t know what the
red bars mean versus the blue or yellow bars. You
can turn the legend off, move it around to a
different chart area, or change the options associated
with a legend.
Figure 13-18
Modifying the chart legend.
Drag the Legend
Optionally, click anywhere on the legend box
to select it and manually drag the legend box
wherever you want it.
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