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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
2. Depending on your chart type, either
select Show which turns on the data labels
without any options, or choose a placement
option. Figure 13-20 shows the data labels
with a placement of Outside End.
Editing the Chart Data
Suppose that you make a wonderful chart but then
decide that you want to include more data, or
exclude some of the data you’ve chosen. Excel
provides two ways to change the data area—both of
which are very easy.
Data label
The first method you can use when you want to
quickly add or delete a series to a chart located on
the same worksheet as the data. Click anywhere on
the chart that you want to edit. Notice that Excel
surrounds the chart with selection handles and
marks the source data in the worksheet with a
colored border. Drag the corner handle of the
worksheet source range to add or subtract cells. Be sure
your mouse pointer is a double-headed arrow
before you drag a corner handle (see Figure 13-21).
Selection handle
Figure 13-20
Adding data labels.
3. Choose Chart Tools Layout>Labels>Data
Labels>More Data Label Options. The Format
Data Labels dialog box appears.
4. If you don’t want the data label to be the
series value, choose a different option from
the Label Options area (such as the series or
category names).
Figure 13-21
Changing the data you want plotted.
5. In the Number area, select a number style for
the data labels.
You can also change the chart data by following
these steps:
6. Select any additional options and then click
Click anywhere on the chart that you want to
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