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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Enhancing a 3D Chart
Because 3D charts have depth and dimension, you
can alter how Excel displays the chart perspective.
For example, you can rotate the chart, deepen the
floor, or even change the series bevels, lighting,
and materials. Let’s review the steps required to
enhance a three-dimensional chart.
3. Click the 3-D Rotation option and choose
from options such as the following:
The options you have available depend on
the chart style you selected.
Select the 3D chart you want to modify.
Click the x-axis left or right rotation
arrows or enter the degree of left/right
rotation (between 0 and 360) you want
for the chart in the Rotation box. This
rotates the series left or right.
2. Choose Chart Tools Layout>Background>
3-D Rotation. The Format Chart Area dialog
box, shown in Figure 13-24, appears. The
options you see depend on the chart type.
Figure 13-24 shows you the options for the
column chart you also see in the figure.
Click the y-axis up or down rotation
arrows or enter the degree of up/down
Click the Perspective up or down
arrows to change the “camera” view or
the view from the top. On pie charts,
you can optionally type the elevation
angle (between 10 and 80) in the
Elevation text box. Figure 13-25
illustrates changing the depth of the
column chart base, which made the bars
wider as well as changed the axis
rotation and perspective. Compare this
chart to the one in Figure 13-24.
Figure 13-24
Changing three-dimensional options.
Change 3D Options
To change the 3D options for a specific chart
component, click the chart component. The
options in the Format Chart area box apply
to the selected component.
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