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Changing the Chart Options
Choose an option to select a bevel
style for the top or bottom of the
chart border.
Change the thickness of the bars or
height of pie slices by entering a value
(between 5 and 500) in the Height box.
Change the Depth option to deepen
series bars and the chart floor. This
option does not apply to pie charts.
Values range from 0 to 2000.
Change the Surface material option.
Figure 13-25
After changing three-dimensional options.
5. Click Close. The chart appears onscreen,
rotated to the angles you selected. Figure
13-27 shows a 3D pie chart before and after
changing the height and rotation.
4. Select options from the available 3-D Format
choices such as those you see in Figure 13-26:
Figure 13-27
Enhancing a pie chart.
Placing a Picture in a Data
When Excel creates a chart, the slices, bars, or lines
are typically a solid color. Earlier in this chapter
you discovered how to change the entire chart
style. You could also change the worksheet theme,
which would change the chart colors.
One other option is to change the individual data
series so that it reflects a specific color other than
the default choices. Or you can add a texture or
gradient to the colors you select. In some
situations, however, you can get your message across
even better by using a graphic instead of the solid
color bar or pie slice.
Figure 13-26
3-D Format choices.
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