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Changing the Chart Options
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Right-click the data point you want to
modify. A shortcut menu appears.
2. Choose Format Data Series. The Format Data
Series dialog box appears.
Different Options
If you are working with a pie chart or a bar
or column chart with only one series, the
option will say Format Data Point.
3. Click the Fill choice in the list at the left. Fill
options appear on the right side.
Figure 13-28
Format Data Point fill options.
Change Series Color
If you just want to change the series color,
select Solid fill and pick a color.
6. Locate and select the picture you want to use.
Click Insert. The Format Data Series dialog
box reappears.
4. Select Picture or Texture Fill (see Figure 13-28).
8. Choose whether you want Excel to stretch
the picture to fill the series or to multiply
them and stack them on top each other.
Typically you would use the stretch option if
you are modifying a pie chart. Using the
stretch option with bar or column charts
seriously distorts the image.
5. Click File. The Insert Picture dialog box
Insert ClipArt
Optionally, click the ClipArt button to select
a ClipArt object instead of an image.
9. Click OK. Figure 13-29 illustrates a pie chart
where one series was replaced with a
photograph, one with a solid color, one with
texture, and one with a gradient fill.
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