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Working with Sparklines
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Figure 13-30
Raw Excel data.
Figure 13-32
Win/loss Excel data.
But with the sparklines you see in Figure 13-30,
you can see at a glance, how your sales are doing.
Notice the sparklines are in the data table which
gives context to the numbers.
Select the cell next to where your data
resides. Sparklines can be in any cell, but
placing them next to your data makes them
easier to see a visual trend.
2. Click Insert>Sparklines and choose one of
the three sparkline types: Line, Column, or
Win/Loss. The Create Sparklines dialog box
appears. (See Figure 13-33.)
Figure 13-31
Excel data with sparklines.
With a cell graphic like a sparkline, you can display
dynamic information rich data by adding
visualization to your raw data.
Adding Sparklines
With Excel, you can create line, column, or
win/loss sparkline charts. Line and column charts
are similar to the standard Excel line and column
charts in that they typically illustrate a trend over a
period of time or distance.
Figure 13-33
The Create Sparklines dialog box.
Win/loss sparkline charts are comparable to a
100% stacked column chart. The Excel data you
use for a win/loss sparkline should be a series of
positive and negative numbers. For example, if you
want to create a sparkline chart to compare your
favorite football team’s wins to its losses, you would
create data showing a value of minus one for each
game lost and a positive one for each game won.
The actual value you use doesn’t matter. What
matters is whether it is a positive value compared
to a negative value. Figure 13-32 illustrates data
that is used for a win/loss sparkline.
3. In the Data Range box, either type the cells
containing the data you want to plot or drag
across the cells with your mouse. The range
you selected appears in the Data Range box.
4. If you want the sparkline to appear in a cell
different from the one you originally
selected, enter, in the Location Range box, the new
cell address.
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