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Working with Sparklines
5. Click OK. Excel creates a sparkline chart. A
Sparkline Tools Design tab also appears as
seen in Figure 13-34.
Adding Sparkline Markers
Once you create the sparkline you can customize it
to highlight important values in the sparkline. For
example, you can indicate any negative points, the
first point, the last point, the highest point, or the
lowest point. You can indicate any one or any
combination of the points and if you choose, you can
highlight them using different colors.
Simply select the sparkline cells on which you
want to add markers and choose Sparkline Tools
Design>Show and check the markers you want
displayed. In Figure 13-35, you see only the high and
low point markers.
Figure 13-34
The Sparklines Tools Design tab.
High point marker
Change Sparkline Type
If you want to change the sparkline type, select
the sparkline and choose Sparkline Tools
Design>Type and choose a different type.
If you find you want to delete the sparkline, click
the sparkline cell and click Sparkline Tools Design>
Figure 13-35
Add markers to your sparklines.
Create Multiple Sparklines
You can use the sparkline cell AutoFill
handle to quickly copy the sparkline settings to
an adjacent data. This creates a sparkline
group. Changes you make to one sparkline
affect all the sparklines in the group.
Changing Sparkline Styles
Like almost everything else in Excel, you can apply
a different design to the sparklines. You can choose
from a gallery of predefined styles consisting of
line (or bar) color and marker color or you can
create your own combination.
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