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Working with Sparklines
Chapter 13
Generating Excel Charts
Select the sparkline cells on which you want to
change the style. If the sparklines are in a group,
and you only want to change one of the sparklines,
choose Sparkline Tools Design>Group>Ungroup.
Select the sparklines you want to change and
choose Sparkline Tools Design>Sparkline and
click the Edit Data arrow. A drop-down menu
2. Choose Edit Group Location and Data if you
are working with a group of sparklines, or
choose Edit Single Sparkline’s Data if you
only want to change one of the sparklines.
The Edit Sparklines dialog box seen in Figure
13-37 appears.
Next, choose Sparkline Tools Design>Style and
click the More button. You see the gallery of
sparkline styles. Select the sparkline style you want.
Excel changes all the selected sparklines to the
newly selected style. See Figure 13-36.
More button
Figure 13-36
Change sparkline styles.
Figure 13-37
Change sparkline data locations.
If you don’t want any of the predefined styles,
choose Sparkline Tools Design>Style and click the
Sparkline Color arrow. From there you can select
the color you want. If you choose Sparkline Tools
Design>Style and click the Marker Color arrow you
can select the marker color you want to use.
3. In the Data Range box, optionally enter the
new data area you want to include in the
4. In the Location Range box, optionally enter
or select a new sparkline location.
Editing Sparkline Data
Like with regular Excel charts, if you change the
data values, the dynamic sparklines immediately
reflect the change. But what if you want to change
the sparkline data range? Relax; it’s only a couple
of clicks away. Just follow these easy steps:
5. Click OK.
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