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Chapter 14 Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
Creating a PowerPoint
Picture yourself attending a meeting. It’s a
long meeting, and the presenter has been droning on and
on about something, but you are not sure about what. Her
monotone voice is putting you to sleep, and she just stands there
reciting fact after fact about her topic. It all becomes a blur, and
you know you aren’t getting anything out of this meeting.
Now picture yourself at a meeting with a vibrant presenter who
not only gives you the topic facts, but backs them up with colorful
charts and illustrations all presented in a logical and interesting
manner. This speaker is using a PowerPoint presentation to help
get the point across, and, by golly, it’s working!
Now it is time for you to give a presentation. If you are not sure
where to begin, don’t worry. PowerPoint includes quite a few
tools to help you take that first step. Actually, you already know
a lot more than you think. By working in Word and Excel you
have learned about many of the tools you will use in PowerPoint
when you create your first dynamic presentation.
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