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Starting with the PowerPoint Basics
Creating a New Presentation
When you started PowerPoint, you saw a new,
blank presentation ready for you to work with. If
you do not want to start with the blank
presentation provided when you open PowerPoint, you can
select from the many pre-designed, pre-formatted
PowerPoint templates. These templates illustrate
that you need not be an artist to create a
goodlooking presentation, complete with a background
and other images.
Keyboard Shortcut
Figure 14-3
The process of creating a presentation.
Press Ctrl+N to create a new blank
presentation with a title slide.
Create the slides: Although a presentation
could consist of a single slide, they rarely do.
You can select from the preformatted slide
layouts designed to present your information.
Click the File tab and choose New. The Available
Templates and Themes window seen in Figure 14-4
Insert the data: Once you have some slides,
you need to make them project the
information you are trying to relay. You do that in
the form of text, tables, charts, and shapes.
Create button
Apply a design: You can create a
background for your slides and apply a theme,
all of which helps maintain the continuity
of your presentation.
Generate speaker notes: You can jot
down reminders of what you want to say to
your audience when you are giving the
Prepare for presentation: To liven up
your presentation, you can add multimedia
such as video, sounds, or narration, or you
can animate the items on a slide.
Figure 14-4
Select the template you want to use.
Present the presentation: The culmination
of all your work, you present the slides to an
audience, during which you can draw on the
slides or make them run automatically.
From the left side, chose a category. PowerPoint
can also display choices from the hundreds of
templates available from
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