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Previewing with Live Preview
Chapter 1
Discovering Office Common Features
Previewing with Live Preview
Most Office 2010 applications
include a feature called Live Preview
where you can see how formatting
choices look in your document before you actually apply
them to the document. By pointing to formatting
options such as fonts or styles, you can see the
effect on your document. If you want a different
look, you simply move your cursor to a different
option to view its effect.
In Figure 1-19, choosing a different theme for a
PowerPoint presentation allows you to see its
effect on the current slide. If you don’t want the
new effect, just move your cursor to a different
effect, or move the cursor off the Ribbon to make
no changes.
Additionally, you can use Live Preview to view
tables, charts, shapes, and graphics. However, Live
Preview works only with Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
and Outlook applications; it doesn’t work
completely in Publisher or at all in Access.
Take a look at Figure 1-18 where you see the effect
of selecting a different font immediately display on
the Word document heading. If you decide you like
the effect, just click on the font to actually apply it
to the text.
Figure 1-19
View style changes before actually applying a
Figure 1-18
Preview how font changes affect your document.
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