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Adding New Slides
Chapter 14
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
Duplicate Multiple Slides
If you want to duplicate multiple slides, hold
down the Ctrl key as you click on each slide
you want to duplicate.
2. Choose Home>Slides and click the New Slide
Use the New Slide Button
Figure 14-7
A slide made in the Content with Caption layout.
If you don’t click the arrow and just click the
New Slide button, PowerPoint automatically
adds a blank slide in the layout used by the
slide above the location where the current
slide is being inserted.
Viewing Placeholders
As you add slides to your presentation, they
appear in the Slide list; however, the Slide list
pane does not show placeholders. Only the
Slide pane on the right shows the
placeholders. To switch to a different slide, simply click
the slide in the Slide list.
3. Choose Duplicate Selected Slides. PowerPoint
creates a copy of the slide and inserts the
copy directly below the selected slide (see
Figure 14-8).
Copying Slides
To save time and effort, if you have already slides that
are similar to a new slide you want, you can duplicate
them. You can copy a slide from the current
presentation or from another saved presentation.
Copying from the Current Presentation
If you need a new slide similar to one in the
current presentation you can save yourself time by
duplicating the slide and then editing the
duplicate as needed. Just follow these steps:
From the Slide list pane, click the slide you
want to duplicate.
Figure 14-8
Duplicating slides can save you lots of time.
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